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        Welcome to the official website of Shanghai Extra Machinery Co., Ltd.!
        熱門關鍵詞: 料塔 輸送絞龍 產蛋箱 環境改善 喂料 籠具

        Shanghai Extra Machinery Co.,Ltd.

        地址:358 Linsheng Road, Tinglin Industrial Zone, Jinshan District, Shanghai




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        1. Service Line

        We have opened a dedicated service line for our customers. If you want to know about our breeding products (chicken, pig, rabbit, cow), engineering design (livestock engineering), service items, or have any questions about our products, you can call our service Special line [86-021-67230025], we will answer you in time.

        2. On-site service

        For problems that cannot be solved by telephone, during the excellent service period, we will arrange experienced service engineers to go to the customer site within the time specified in the service agreement to assist the customer in on-site fault diagnosis, formulation of fault recovery plans and on-site troubleshooting. For problems that need to be replaced to solve the problem, the service engineer performs on-site parts replacement to eliminate the fault and restore the system to normal operation.

        3. Accessory service

        Zhuoyue provides you with high-quality and reliable original accessories, solves the problem of customer replacement and upgrade of accessories during use, and meets customer needs.

        4. Cover the network

        The service network is globalized, covering more than 20 countries and full domestic coverage.

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